Tiffany & Miguel's Wedding

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It all started with shooting stars...

Maybe you haven't heard our story, or maybe you'd like to hear it again.

We met on December 13, 2018 at Horton Grove Nature Preserve during an REI meteor hike. We exchanged names in the parking lot and started down the trail. Bundled up in coats, with hats pulled over our ears, feet squishing through the snow, eyes darting between the dark trail and the stars above searching for shooting stars, our adventure began. We gasped at the beauty of the night, we counted the meteors darting overhead, we shared trail stories, and huddled around the campfire at the end of the walk.

• February 14, 2020 Miguel proposed in a field of daffodils overlooking our city's skyline.

• September 19, 2020 we exchanged vows in the mountains of North Carolina.

Since that first day, we have enjoyed skywatching, hiking, capturing nature photos and laughing together ever since.

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